Frost 'n' fun siberians DK

MENU BONZO Frost 'n' fun Bonzo
D.o.b., sex 11.12.1996, male
Eyes, hips Clear, A (=excellent)


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Leader of the pack, the alpha-male. A very strong dog. And a hardworking and fast sleddog; in team- as well as lead position.
Bonzo is from our first siberian-litter (from Etienne). He is the father of Yukon and Chewbacca. Bonzo is also mental-tested :-)
Bonzo retired 10 years old.

RACE RESULTS  (only Championships are listed):
SILVER in the 4-dogs class, Danish Ch (SPHK Nordic Open '99), lead
BRONZE in the 8-dogs class, Danish Championship (DSHK '06), wheel

March 2009 Bonzo died of old age (brain bleeding)


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