Frost 'n' fun siberians DK

MENU MIKE Frost 'n' fun Hitch Hiker
D.o.b., sex 28.08.2005, male
Eyes, hips Clear, NA


S(polar) CH
Cold feet Fox
Jarvik's Triton Trinity Kennel's O-Grey Wolf
Jarvik's Czardas
Klujutjevskajas Selma Lagerlöf Kljutjevskajas Börje
Kljutjevskajas Lotus Huligana
Jarvik's Tosca Trinity Kennel's O-Grey Wolf Trinity Kennel's Bugs
Fortsalongs Diamond
Jarvik's Czardas Alka-Shan's Callico
Snowtrails Sandra


Mike is very obedient, and one of our most sensitive and soft-hearted dogs - without being weak :-)
And best of all... from day one in harness... never any problems, just working!!
Mike is a team-dog, and now part of the permanent crew of our "dream team".

Sleddog test 'Polarhundprov3' (collecting for the S(polar)CH)
2. prize Nornäs '10

RACE RESULTS  (only Championships are listed):
BRONZE 8-dogs Danish Championship ..on a flat tire ;( (DPHK '11)
SILVER 8-dogs Swedish SH championship (SPHK '10)
4-dogs Swedish Championship OffSnow (SPHK '07)


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