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MENU VILJAR Jarviks Viljar
D.o.b., sex 20.03.1995, male
Eyes, hips Clear of PRA, but NOT clear of cataract!!


Snowtrails Jack Pot Igloo Pak's Shagtolik Igloo Pak's Tigger
Igloo Pak's Midget
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Snowtrails Tussie
Nuolja's Aluete Alaskan's Wolf of Anadyr Alaskan's Nic of Anadyr
Keichek's Silver Frost
Yokon Mitsi Yokon Filur
Molinka of Kolyma


Viljar is the gentleman of the pack. Ladies guy!! His is very stabile in mind - and when working in harness. He loves to work, and is strong, hardworking and excellent at commands. Team position: always lead.
Viljar retired 12 years old.

RACE RESULTS  (only Championships are listed):
in the 6-dogs class, Danish Championship (DSHK '01), lead
SILVER in the 6-dogs class, Danish Championship (DSHK '03), lead
BRONZE in the 8-dogs class, Danish Championship (DSHK '06), lead

01.07.08. Viljar died of old age, 13 years old.


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