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MENU YUKON Schusundras Knight of Yukon Trail
D.o.b., sex 20.03.2000, male
Eyes, hips NA


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Our sweet bandit. Betamale of the pack. Yukon, or should we say 'Don Yukon', is very handsome and charming. Yukon makes a lot of 'noise' but is really just a little boy with the deepest respect for his father Bonzo. He is strong, and always hardworking in harness. But he still needs experience in running at races/competitions; where he often gets sad, and won't perform as in training. Team position: team and co-lead.

RACE RESULTS  (only Championships are listed):
SILVER in the 4-dogs class, DC (SPHK Nordic Open '04)
BRONZE in the 8-dogs class, Danish Championship (DSHK '06)

Jan 2009 Yukon died (of a virus.)


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